October 03, 2002
Missouri's pivotal race

While wandering around on MetaFilter, I ran across this interesting discussion about the role that the Missouri senate race could play in the upcoming election. Because Jean Carnahan was selected, not elected (couldn't resist), state law says that she serves only until the next election. If she loses, the new winner may immediately assume the seat. There is speculation that the Democratic governor of Missouri may refuse to certify the election results if Carnahan's GOP opponent wins, which will result in another trip through the courts.

If you follow the link, make sure you read the comments; some are interesting, some inane, and a few are just filler, but the thread is interesting all the same. Also be sure to follow the link in the fifth comment, an excellent, balanced article from the Christian Science Monitor.

posted on October 03, 2002 06:15 PM


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